Why EFI Diagnosis

Test. Don't Guess
On todays complex, computer controlled vehicles, EFI Diagnosis is essential. "Hit or Miss" approaches to fuel injection repairs often result in lost time, higher repair bills and comebacks. The expense of maintaining your car means a guess isn't good enough. You need your car repaired properly: the first time.

Diagnostics save Fuel and Money
A well tuned engine that is operating according to the manufacturers specifications is a fuel efficient engine. In fact fuel economy and low emissions go hand in hand. With todays high fuel prices it doesn't take long to realise significant savings from improved mileage in any car.

Diagnostics are preventative
Even though your car appears to be running OK, broken or non-specified components can cause high emissions, poor driveability and poor fuel ecomomy. Proper diagnosis can determine if one or more components are defective and require adjustment, repair or replacement. Regular diagnosis makes sense.

Diagnostics are Make and Model specific
Our software driven diagnostic equipment manufatured by Snap-On/Sun compares the operating characteristics of your vehicle's engine against actual manufacturers specifications. Its vehicle-specific diagnostic messages tell us precisely where to look for problems, what to check or replace.

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